Boxgirls organizes community, school, and peer outreach programmes,events, and activities on focus areas regularly and at convinient school vacation days. Coaches attend to Young women and girls to train them in boxing skills for self defence and self confidence. What’s more we facilitate platforms to advocate for the rights of women and girls, plus knowledge transfer through education and relevant information dissemination.

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Since we work with young people, activities carried out within this program use artistic expression (the use of drama, poems and songs) in sensitizing the community on women’s issues and rights. Through this activity, we are nurturing talents of girls and increasing their leadership skills.  Kidz parliament is a new pilot venture in this program. This is where girls from different areas meet together to discuss issues affecting them and debate how solutions can be realized in addressing the issue. Through the kidz parliament the girls are also able to learn about the new constitution of Kenya.

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Boxgirls organization conducts entrepreneurship training to 50 young women aged 16-25yrs on a weekly basis. The entrepreneurship session has equipped young women with business and financial skills. Few of the young women have formed savings group.

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